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By clickychick

Turning To Drink

This Facebook thing has really got me down! I'm turning to drink! At the moment I have other, very important things to be getting on with. No, seriously, it's our two-weekly night out at the pub and there was a threat of snow, and I was exhausted, so The Man drove this time. So I had a drink or two.

So, if you are on Facebook, take heed! 

To recover an account they need to match a photo from an official document to look like your profile picture, so unless your dog/baby/shadow has a driving licence, you will have difficulties.

If you don't declare your date of birth you will have difficulties.

If you use a shortened name you will have difficulties.

The official document you submit showing your photo must show "the name that your friends call you in everyday life".  You know, the one they told you to use when you set up your FB account. If you have used an abbreviated name on FB you probably dont have a utility bill, bank statement, passport, etc with that name on it.

So! The ID I mentioned yesterday, my Royal Photographic Society member's page which I was sure would solve all ID problems was turned down. It had a photo of me, it had my name as Sue rather than Susan, it had a link to my FB contact details. It had a link to my business website and email address which I also have as an add-on to my FB account. They already have my photo and date and place of birth from my passport, these are also on my FB account. They looked at it because the replied on the alternative email address they got from it!

I love the, incidental to taking a photo a day, "social media" that Blipfoto gives me. I love following you and getting comments from you. The thing Facebook has given me extra to this is contact with relatives, some for the first time. An opportunity to leave a personal message to someone AND the ability to set up Business pages which any seminar I attend tell me is so essential.

I could just start a new FB page and collect up some friends again, but I had spent a long time building up a story of the development of Art By Camera and Amber Nook pages which get views.

I will try again to gain control.

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