By PicturePoems

Bright and Sunny Birthday

When the chief birthday-fairy-cum-house-elf (AKA Mr PP) opened the curtains this morning (and brought me a cuppa) - and there was blue sky and sunshine: perfect weather - that was my first Happy Return of the Day!

Had such a lovely birthday! The weather made for a very enjoyable walk, followed by lunch at the village pub, where the landlord, we discover, shares my birthday. (Though he's a dozen years younger than I.)

Couldn't resist wearing my red hat with my purple outfit - after Jenny Joseph's poem Warning: When I am an old woman I shall wear purple / With a red hat ...  Looking very like my late mother in her advanced years - I think it's the growing number of chins. Scary! (See Extra.) To add to the effect, the jumper I wore for the walk (in lieu of a coat) is one of my mother's handknits - a warming addition to the day.

Still, I'm keeping fit and finished the day with line dancing. Which was fun, as usual.  Two degrees centigrade as I drove home - still warmer than many parts of the country, mind you. We're very lucky.

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