T. had her first day at work after her illness. (Now she fell between bus and work. Now she has an deep wound on her hand and two injured knees. Perfect)
I had my first time without T. to catch up my tasks (slowly and carefull because of my upset gall bladder) After a short walk with (still limping) Omo, I hurried to the car to deal with my long to-do-list. But heyho, the car didn't start. (A fail of the battery or a marten bite). So I had to do the shopping walking (only the really necessary things). When I left the store, I saw, that it was a little bit cloudy. 
And? I stayed dry! Not everything went wrong! :-))
Back home, I noticed that the parcel with Omos frozen food hadn't arrived. ( I checked the shipment tracking. They had canceled the tour. I had this once: thawed raw meat makes a huge mess in the van)
I added a walk in the other direction for the post office, the bank and the optician to catch my new glasses. After a loooooong wait I can proclaim, that I see again details :-)
When T. arrived at home I checked her injuries and made a new bandage. I noticed that I will need some more special material. So I added a walk with Omo to the pharmacy.
After perparing dinner and eating I had to wash T.'s hair. She didn't accept a shower (not really possible with the injured hand). I created a sort of hairdressers chair at the bathtub to wash the hair. No, kneeling was neighter an option. 
Coffee for J. and some work on T.'s speeking computer. She wanted to be able to tell at work, that we'll catch her tomorrow after work at midday to drive 550km for a night in a hotel and a visit at Grandpa.
Bedtime for T., playtime for Omo.
Searched the video camera for the visit and gave it to J. for further treatment (battery , SD-Card)
I returned into the kitchen to prepare the lunch for Saturday (to have it easy at Grandpa) and Omo's diet (his diarrhea, it's almost over)
J. went to bed and I decided to make this entry ("only 5 minutes!" Obviously a lie!)
Now it is 2 am. Sorry, I'm a bit lazy with commenting :-D
I'll collapse into my bed. The alarm will try to awake me at 5:15....
Night night blipworld!
I suspect I'm out of blip until Sunday. Have a good time, blipmates!!!

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