Tiny People Sunday TiPS1 Results

My Hanulli were excited about the new challenge for tiny people. 
There are 14 entries for TiPS1 for the periode from 1th January until 14th January and we had a lively discussion, who would earn the hearts and memorable mentions.
I've to admit, that I still have to get this hosting thing sorted, so please be patient :-)
Thank you for everyone who took part. I'm looking forward to many more entries. Perhaps I should rename the challange into TiCW Tiny Creature Week? All tienies are welcome! But TiPS is easier to mention, I guess :-))
Some entries in TiPS1 are from 2017. They should have the tag TiPS2017 to be found. This tag will be open for more entries, which are made in 2017.

And now our results in no particular order:
KangaZu  Minions on ice
flossie  An artificial capture of a great tiny artist
SeeThreePeeO  has created a fabulous Minecraft world. 
Have a look at her journal, there are many more fabulous adventures of her tinies!
HeartFreak for a lovely tiny people scene, that had its tricky moments :-)
Annie for very speciel tinies, who have become tienies (and older)

Memorable Mentions in no particular order:
CALIFORNIAGIRL1 for Waldos adventures. Let's look for him :-))
dbifulco Tinies are faithful companions
Syetuttle David against Goliath
Loulou164 Scooby dooby doo
JanetH A new pet - mischief ahead

TiPS2 is the tag for all sorts of tiny people adventures from15th January until 21th January.

TiPS3 is the tag for entries from 22th January until 28th January.
TiPS2017 is the tag for entries in 2017. Show what you have created!

Sorry StevenG, you find my entry for WidWed in the extra. I was afraid of the revange of my Hanulli, when I would have put them in the extras. 
I made this blip hurrying through Reinheim and I didn't know Widweds theme. But I think it suits the theme "journey". Thanks for hosting!

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