Stop monkeying around!

Tuesday 2nd January 2018 (1956)

Is it really still only 2nd Jan? It feels a lot longer, partly because I posted yesterday's shot just after midnight so it seems a long time ago! 

Yesterday, when I finally woke up, consisted of trying to restore a bit of order in the Christmas chaos of my house. I made a lot of progress. Today was supposed to be a day's holiday in order to complete that task and set me up for the new year. Unfortunately it didn't turn out that way as I was called out. I seem to have fallen headlong into this new year and any thought of a gentle start has gone out of the window! The next two weeks have suddenly become crazy and I'm sinking already. Help! 

My wine "cellar" got itself well and truly restocked this Christmas. Tonight I found this cheeky monkey swinging his way between the bottles. Huddsbird gave me this new pet for Christmas. I have a feeling he's going to get up to a lot of trouble, as if the stikbot fellas couldn't get into enough themselves. :-))

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