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By HeidiAndDolly

Birthday Adventures With My Sister

My sister Tina’s birthday is this weekend and today she took a day off and came to spend the day with me. I didn’t tell her what I had planned, but revealed it as the day progressed. She arrived late morning and we had tea and present time before going on our first outing.

I frequently blip the lake nearby where I like to walk. Usually I’m there for the sunset but today we were there at lunchtime. My sister has never been there so she enjoyed seeing it. I pointed out my favourite spot and said we should have brought a picnic. Her reply? “Oh, no, I wouldn’t want that! It’s far too cold. I would be too cold”. Well, I proceeded to take the sitting mats and the flask of homemade soup out of my backpack. “Uh...sorry, Tina! We ARE going to have a picnic! Cold or not!” We had a good laugh about that. And we were actually more sheltered from the wind there, and the sun was shining directly on us, so she agreed we were plenty warm, especially with the hot soup.

After enjoying the sun for awhile we walked a bit further along the lake (and got cold again!) before going back to the car and heading to our next outing. The soup was really just the starter, because the next stop was to a nearby hotel (Bird In Hand) for Afternoon Tea. As you can see, it was a feast! It could have easily fed one more person. Everything was delicious.

Our last outing was to Riverways egg farm where I buy most of my eggs. It’s not just any old egg farm with chickens - they also have ducks, goats, 2 rare breed pigs and a herd of reindeer! We happened to arrive just before feeding time, so the reindeer (and the pigs) were very entertaining. My sister loved it and I think sometime soon she will be back with the grandchildren.

It was a fun ‘sister day’ - simple outings and simple pleasures and sharing some of what I enjoy in my neighbourhood.

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