Fabric Flowers (FF18_2019)

A gift from our daughter Rachel.  She had some grown out of clothes from James and Ariadne which were not really fit for wearing, so she has taken them apart and re-used the best pieces to make these bouquets of flowers.

I seem to have had very little time or inclination, for photography this week, hopefully that with improve into the weekend and next week! 

My strangest task of the week was trying to sort out what two blue tits were doing in a redundant drain point on our house wall.  The bathrooms were refurbished before we bought the house and whoever did it, failed to block up one of the exit points where an overflow pipe went through a wall.  Yesterday we saw a couple of blue tits going into the wall cavity, as if they were searching for a suitable nest site.  I couldn't see them today and no sign of either of them in the wall so I have blocked the hole temporarily.  Isn't it too early for nest building?  Perhaps they are just searching for an overnight roost?  They were having a difficult time getting in through the hole so I could see them getting stuck when the food supplies improve.

Thanks to everyone who has visited my journal recently, left awards and comments - all much appreciated.

Thanks to BikerBear for hosting flower Friday.

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