By strawhouse

Picasso Eat Your Heart Out

Miss E's first day back at school today and my first day back at work.
Both went well!!
When she got in Miss E rushed straight upstairs to do some homework which should have been done over the holidays. They do a weird subject called CLIL where they do history and geography in French. I'm sure there's a good reason but it's a bit weird!
Anyway, Miss E had to identify ten things in the locality of her school and village, label them and draw them.
So in fact it's history, geography and art in French!
She got a bit hysterical wailing that she can't draw. I told her I can't draw either and it doesn't matter!
I said I'd draw some of the things to give her some ideas. Et voilà
She had the nerve to be rude about my work. Laughing. And asking what they were in the river. The cheek of it!

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