Lego type to be precise.
Yesterday Mrs W finally made the Lego ball she was wanting to do, but she found that she could not do it properly (by the instructions that is) as she needed some more pieces (here we go again) and this one is smaller, and liable to fall apart at a sneeze as she had to use bricks that were too small.  Well if you believe that . . .
Had fun photographing it, and wanting a change from the mirror I tried for a strong shadow.  As you see I could not get the strong shadow to work well with the Lego ball.  Mirror one, shadow nil.
Ps – just spent ten minutes working out how to make it ‘abstract’ before I remembered it was Friday . . .  spent the morning at Leicester Royal Infirmary Hospital Lyme Disease Clinic so I am a bit brain dead.  TomTom always insists on taking us home then pretty way when we travel from that direction.

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