The old ones are best . . .

What better for a Silly Saturday than a pantomime, especially one done by the ‘Hurst Children’s Theatre Group’.
This was granddaughter Kaitlyn’s  second year, and sadly the last as Bryony Hurst has had to give up the producing pantomimes.  I gather other groups are still continuing in other parts of the country (family concern).
The blip just had to be one of the oldest jokes - “When I nod my head . . .”
The leading rolls were given to the long serving members of the troop, but Kaitlyn did get a couple of speaking roles as a short policeman (first extra) and a villager (second extra).
And a true pantomime would not be the same without the pantomime dames, and Cinderella with the ugly sisters and their mother (third and fourth extra) fit this role completely.  Mind you they had to do a lot of work to make one of the sisters ugly . . .
An excellent performance all round.
Many thanks to Admirer for hosting Silly Saturday
I’m afraid I’m a bit behind with every thing at the moment, but will (should) catch up shortly.

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