Towards the Trossachs

Every day I try and walk up to this vista point. It a popular route for people in the area and the steep accent from Bridge of Allan certainly boosts cardio fitness.
I know this thanks to my new Digital Twin  (Babylon) who now monitors my cardio activity and said it was good.  This new NHS app doesn’t mince its words though. I was told to increase my strength and do ten minutes of press-ups and squats three times a week. (No chance after knee surgery).
 Oh yes and its synced into my Fitbit.
There is something distinctly creepy about it in the way it monitors all my walking, sleeping exercise, and eating habits then offers you advise. So far I have only inputted a fraction of data so I dread to think what it will tell me once it has full access of my medical history.
It is a huge step though in encouraging us to take responsibility for our own health.
The three-week wait for a five-minute consultation with your GP to be handed a prescription for some pills may soon become a thing of the past once the NHS has rolled this out throughout the UK.
At present the pilot project operates in the London area only and a limited service is offered in the app  for the rest of the country.


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