By minniemouse1966

An Epic Day

That's how one of my little boys at school described seeing this little robin eating from one of our bird feeders today.
I had chosen two of my sensible girls to come and help me put the bird feeders out on the bushes and fence outside our classroom when I caught a flash of red in the corner of my eye when I looked it was a little robin coming to feed I told the girls and we moved back to see if he returned which he did the girls were fasinated and we spent about 15 minutes just watching him going in and out of the bushes taking a few seeds from the feeders and I was able to take a few pictures (they are not great as I only had my little instamatic which I keep in school and use for child observations and I had to zoom in considerably) we were gradually joined by quite a group of other children just watching him (wish they could be this quiet in the classroom) it was lovely. It's days like this that make my job worthwhile.

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