Nor'west sky.....

I had a wonderful time in the city with blipper JMK. We ambled hoping to see some of the World's Buskers Festival in the CBD but our timing was a bit off, acts were finishing as we arrived.

Enjoyed catching up over lunch and coffee, or tea for me, and then drove out to the Pier and a wander round New Brighton village. We just missed the markets as they were packing up for the day.

The nor'west sky brought temperatures of 32C and gusty wind. People were having fun on the beach, in the sea and on the pier fishing or ambling like us.

Thanks J for a great day, looking forward to doing it again soon :)

Do take a look at JMK's blip, it's one of her lovely bright postcards of our day in the city.

Driving home it was 31.5C, as I type at 8.33pm it's windy and 27C

Warm thanks for your lovely words, stars and comments for my white-faced heron on 4 October 2018, it was a backblip, delighted you enjoyed it.

Happy weekend everyone :)

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