The second half of life..

By twigs

I am not amused......

Another warm day where energy levels have been particularly low.  Of course, this may also be to do with late nights staying up watching the Australian Open tennis champs...?!  Ah well - I know I have plenty of recovery time ;)

I managed a few small jobs as I tootled through the day.  The garden furniture is overdue for a coat of oil to protect it for another couple of years so I started to take the fabric seats off - that turned out to be a lot more challenging than it ought to have been so when it comes time to re-construct them I think I'll be changing one or two things.  

The 'big' job was mowing the lawns which currently are more like a dust bowl with weeds than a lawn!  There's also the added challenge of moving another vehicle to get to all parts but nothing that was an issue really - just a little bit extra work.  The hardest part was the heat.........and heat equals sweat which, when combined with the dust bowl effect,   made for a particularly filthy twigs by the time I'd finished.  Strip off at the back door and straight into the shower was the only solution!

It was lovely to see LB enjoying the fruits of my labour though even after all these years, he still does NOT like the camera being pointed at him.  Can you tell?!

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