By Bella888

Anyone lost a bicycle?

A few days ago an article appeared in the local rag*:-

I was fascinated, and disappointed not to have noticed this phenomena. So yesterday, after the bank (pretty straight forward) remembered to record it for Silly Saturday.

There were further unplanned diversions, so was happy to return home. And started to make the berry purèe and prepare the chia for today’s chia puddings (a first).

Veganism, getting closer possibly. Exploring the alternatives. Finding the Nutritional Yeast useful (a significant source of B-complex vitamins). An Italian acquaintance said she uses it in everything. Looked at recipes for vegan butter and cheese. If anyone has any proven ones?

Better get ready and clear up. Family arrives at 11:30. As pouring, have suggested I’ll treat them to a visit to the Russell Cotes Museum/Gallery opposite. Unmissable.

May take a couple of days to catch up with your blips. It’s unexpectedly non stop at the moment.


* Dear Ani > ‘Rag’ is a colloquial term for “a newspaper or magazine regarded with contempt or distaste:”

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