Those Eyes, They Mesmerise!

We hit 40.4c at 2.30pm and what a scorcher its been. Tomorrow will be the same ugh!!

We spent most of the day in the shopping centre. Firstly for morning tea and a bit of shopping followed by a delicious Mexican lunch and then off to G’s for afternoon tea. The aircon has stopped working in the car, obviously the worst day for it to happen aargh!!

Back home tonight and realized that i had not taken even one photo all day! Fortunately our yearly visit by these big moths had just happened and this dead one was in the stairwell so i sat him strategically in the big leaf. Those camophlage eyes on his wings are just amazing!!

The big leaf has been on my desk for a few weeks and has started to give me the hint that it needs to get dirty ;o) er....get planted!! I love the way the little plants just start growing out of the big leaf! I think its one of the kalanchoe’s.

If you have a spare 13 minutes do watch this TED talk about a photographer and his mother, a really beautiful story and amazing photos!

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