This is Santa Pola del Este at sunset time. It was very windy, but beautiful light.

Today I have continued to craft my cork mat. I cooked another batch of corks and dried them and have started to glue. But I need so much more corks. It's gonna be a big mat. I think it's gonna be in the kitchen. We'll see.

I also took a walk around the Clot by myself. Listening to podcasts. I like that. I can't go jogging as I now have a piriformis syndrome which is a type of sciatica. So I need to take it easy and try to heal it with stretching, massage and working the muscle. Today just walking irritated it. :-(

I also wrote one more month to the local paper. I have two left that I have all the material for. Those are months 9 and 10 for this year. So I'm in no hurry, but it's better to do when I remember better. Also I want to plan new ones after I get these out of my head.

During the sunset we took a walk to the Eastern Santa Pola paseo maritimo. It's always so peaceful and beautiful. I took my camera with me to catch few pics in case it would have been a spectacular sunset. It wasn't, but I still got few nice shots.

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