Kiwi Dip

Its been a very hot day - tackled the garden this morning, but too hot for me.  Had a cruisey couple of hours watching tennis this afternoon, then tried the garden again for a while.....a little cooler, so managed that.  Gosh, it is getting dry.
Not a photo taken all day, I thought about waiting to see if the sunset provided some colours but in the end I took the easy route.
We are heading to the hills tomorrow morning, I mixed up this Kiwi Dip for having with "befores" tomorrow night.  Consists of Onion Soup, can of Nestles Cream and a tsp of lemon juice.  And it really is simple and simply delicious.
There will be no blip loaded tomorrow night, as no mobile coverage and certainly no wifi.  We will be in a little batch up the side of a mountain, and I can't wait.

Thanks must go to you all for the love on yesterdays blip - I really do appreciate your encouragement.


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