Fox Peak

(back blip)
My title for today is Fox Peak - and neither my blip or the extra are of Fox Peak.  I will get around to sorting and editing and load into Flickr.
What a fabulous and full day we have had - travelled inland to Fox Peak - A ski field in the winter.  Our friend is a Life Member of the club and has a batch perched on the side of the hill, quaint and quirky.  He was there to do road maintenance and invited us to join him for a wee break.  I've been up there a few times both summer and winter, it offers endless photo opportunities.
So many lovely photos taken today - the hills were smothered in drifts of celmesia's, a joy to behold.  To choose one photo for blip has been hard, but I've gone for the waterfall that cascades down one of the valleys, and the extra was taken in the same vicinity.  
For the blip it took much scrambling down a steep and rocky bank into the valley where the stream has calved its path, Doug so helpful finding footholds for me.  I thought at the time John Gravett would be proud of me with tripod in the water and using the Big Stopper.  It was very sunny, was concerned that the white water would be blown out,  but I'm pleased how it came out.
The extra, please take a look, are the beautiful Celmesia daisy, a little past its best but worth the climb up a rock face covered in ferns and unsuspecting rocks and holes.  Again, Doug led the way, not easy to find somewhere safe to steady myself for a picture or two.  Coming down backwards was not a pretty sight. 
Pretty exhausted by the time we scrambled back up to where the car was and peeved to come away with a sore knee.

Evening photos of the stunning view of the moody mountains, then drinks and nibbles before a wonderful meal all cooked on the coal range (which happens to run on kerosene, ha).  
Finished off a grand day playing the card game 500 - always good to get the tired brain ticking and laughs all round.


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