Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Arabian Ranches

A very early start for a Saturday, extra early today because we had to factor in a thirty-minute drive to the venue.

OaSis has started up again, and as we no longer have a permanent church home, it has to be held in people's homes. The first one for 2019 was hosted by a lady who lives in Arabian Ranches. This is a luxury gated community which is well established, being nearly twenty years old. It is in the middle of nowhere though close to Global Village.

We made it well in time and I was all set up with my guitar when the others started to arrive. We were a small group, mainly due to the remoteness of the meeting place. We still had a very good morning and after we finished, we were treated to a walk around this lake. It's beautifully landscaped as you can see.

I'm afraid I crashed when I got home. Caught up with some rest and then got ready for the week. My cough is still with me. I need to get rid of it. Another weekend over so soon.

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