Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Jumeirah Palm

I drove G to work for the first time in ages today. It was great! We didn't have the usual Sunday morning chaos on the road, at least not where we were.

G dropped off, I collected B&C from their hotel and we headed straight to the Palm. They missed out on that due to awful traffic during their tour yesterday. I haven't been to the Palm for ages and there are lots of changes!! It was great to see it all. They are still making some very interesting looking buildings!

We stopped for a coffee at the Anantara Resort, a place I had only ever heard of on radio ads!! Their coffee was GOOD! Unfortunately, as nice as it was to have a leisurely stop, I had to rush my guests back into the car as we had to collect G. I promised them shawarmas on the beach, so there was that to do as well before we could eat lunch!

Thankfully, our guests loved their first-ever shawarmas! Once again, we had to rush them as they needed to be back at their hotel to get ready for their desert safari! :)

Whilst driving out of the port area, I couldn't help noticing a family (mum, dad, baby in a pram) being abandoned in the middle of nowhere by a taxi. I was incensed, so reversed stopped to ask them if they needed any help. They were from Afghanistan and didn't speak English, Urdu or Arabic, so it was hard to communicate! They were also miles away from their hotel, so we gave them a ride.

We then got home and crashed until the late afternoon. I've had a go at getting the place in shape just in case we have visitors to the flat! G had her lesson but with just one kid.

I found out yesterday that our cleaner has booked to return next Saturday. What a relief! I can't wait.

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