Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Global Village


Wow, the days are just flying!

I went to my first DBWC meeting of the year today... it was on Choosing to be Present, a very soft skills, high EI course. It was short with a lot packed into it.

G & I met up with our visiting friends and took them to our favourite restaurant for lunch. They loved the food! Big relief! We went straight to the Volvo garage from there. Bob wanted to see the car as he may know someone who can help. I've never seen my car look so bad, or rather messy on the inside. We came home and looked up possibilities of what can be done with it.

The big thing today was a trip to Global Village. We got there while there was still some light. It was a lovely cool evening, which turned quite cold later on. B&C have so much stamina. I was flaking towards the end, but they were both fine! C was up for a ride on the carousel. Bob took a few pictures of us girls on a horse. We visited Turkey, Pakistan, Europe, America, Bosnia, China, Africa, Morocco, Iran and Yemen before we called it a night. They were really pleased to have visited and seen it all for themselves. We managed to catch a cultural show in most of the pavilions we visited.

It was sad to drop them back to the QE2 for the last time. They've been great guests to have and very easy to take around as they are game for anything and interested in everything! :)

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