By Ingeborg

Frozen pond abstract

It's definitely freezing and the first natural ice rinks are opening all over the country. Our little pond is also frozen and I caught some of the ice texture together with reflections on the ice and the remains of lily pads shining through the ice. Very early tomorrow morning when it will certainly be quite cold it should be possible to see the total eclipse of the moon, still wondering if I'll set my alarm for that. I'm not so fond of very cold temperatures ;-)  Today's icy Blip did help me to set a new theme for this coming Thursday's Abstract Thursday challenge: the optional theme is 'texture' and the tag will be T187.

Thanks so much for another Thursday with so many and such creative entries for the challenge, you were and are amazing.
Here's the list of last Thursday's specials of the week:
DawnP             for shaping with coloured lights
60plus              for an abstract of footprints in the snow
Seasidesusie  for a special abstract landscape
Philiphoto        for a very natural abstract
laurie54           for a great and colourful shape transformation

And thank you for your kind comments and stars for yesterday's catkins, quite a difference, yesterday's harbinger of Spring and today's icy warning that Winter is coming !

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