Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Audition day

Up at the crack of dawn, well before actually as I watched sunrise from the train. We had to be at Floral Street at 09.30 for her audition at 10.00. She wasn't really nervous, but was worrying about what she should do about the exercises she's not allowed to do because of her hip. She didn't need to worry, Mrs. Thorrington had notes on her to give to the panel and got the teacher to come and speak to her before they went in to clarify what she should do.

She came out happy. Happy she had done as well as she could, happy she had nailed a double pirouette to her satisfaction and happy that Mr. Annear now knew her name. The last because he had directed her by name a number of times during the audition at the times that she couldn't do the exercise. She said he was very nice about it. So now we wait.

Back home in time to take Will to hockey only to find it cancelled as the astro was still frozen. Sigh. Home again but after an hour or so doing jobs we all went out for tea at the Millstream. We are all now very full and very tired.

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