Anchored To The Earth

My daughter, granddog, Ollie dog and I had a lovely walk in the crisp frosty brightness this morning. This little girl was all wrapped up for the weather and I've captured her writing with a stick in the frost on a bench. Great that her mother has brought her out well-prepared to enjoy the natural world. When I looked at the pic on screen I noticed "Earth Anchors" on the side of the seat. I was listening on the radio the other day about Forest Schools which started in Denmark. Children play outside all the time whatever the weather, are taught to use knives and axes at an early age and are allowed to climb high in the trees. This early anchoring in Nature is very beneficial to them mentally and physically, I'm very much in favour of it.

I took Ollie for a walk at Lodge Farm just before dark and we saw a herd of deer by the light of the beautiful full moon.

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