Peewit On Ice

Disappointingly overcast today. The light improved briefly after lunch while we were walking at Amwell Nature Reserve. A couple who came into the Gladwin Hide while we were trying to spot the red crested pochard loved meeting perfectly behaved Ollie dog and wanted to know her history. As we left the hide a grumpy Staffie was disobeying its mistress and looking threatening. We've met them before and she's always struggling with her dog. I told her I'd take Ollie back into the hide to give her a chance to get naughty Staffie back on the lead and leave the area.

My best shot of the day was a goldcrest taken at home but I've posted them a couple of times fairly recently. I shot this peewit all on its own on the ice by the viewpoint. From a distance these birds look black and white but closer they're very beautiful. My Observer's book says it eats, ".... wireworms, leather jackets, snails, slugs, worms, and all kinds of injurious insects, and their larvae. It is one of our most useful birds." I was interested to read that its Latin name Vanellus means winnowing fan.  

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