Day Of The Diva

By Katherineellis

Passing on precious things....

This heavy silk dress from Harrods belonged to my grandmother, I have had it in a suitcase for over 30 years, even if I was slim it would never fit me because I have such a broad back, I decided to give it to Erin, it fits her perfectly! We both shed a few tears. I also gave her another beautiful vintage dress which Max has blipped today and vintage white gloves which belonged to my mother. I feel happy that I know these things will be enjoyed and used again.

Max and I went for a lovely walk along the river and we dropped in on Kevin and Rachael for tea! Rachael was naming all Kaitlyns new stationary for school which she starts tomorrow!

We watched the movie Centurion with Gulliver this evening which was very good.

Zebedee was not in a good mood tonight and we just kept out of his way.

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