Veni. Vidi. Cepi.

By carol_dunham


I went to bed last night hoping the clear skies would last through to morning
a) to see the eclipse and
b) to get a proper frosty morning.

I wasn’t disappointed! Alarm set for 5am and I discovered I had a good view out the velux window in my craft room so there I remained for about an hour (extra).

Back to bed and the alarm set for 8am in anticipation of a nice sunrise. I could happily have turned over but I’d left the curtains open and could see the skies bursting with colour (extra) it was out into the garden in my jimjams and flip flops for a wander around in the very frosty conditions.

My main pic is of one of the two clematis I discovered coming into bud again...hope that winter won’t last forever, it’s just a stepping stone between autumn and spring...and I do hope they come to fruition.

A brilliant morning was had...and it wasn’t even 9am! I hope you had a good day too! I’m hoping for an early night tonight :)

Thanks to Jensphotos for hosting.

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