Daily Tales

By PamelaJ

A frosty morning

There was a very heavy frost this morning and the field at the front was swathed in white, looking almost like snow.

The water in all the containers and troughs in the chicken field was frozen solid but I managed to break up the ice so that the birds could have fresh water.

Hoppy seemed rather confused as he followed me around the field,  watching my every move.  He probably can't remember such a cold beginning to the day, and was wondering why the ground was so hard and slippery. Not easy to say upright when you are a disabled goose with a curled under foot.

It took ages to de-ice the car and I dovei off in freezing fog which was quite unpleasant.  But pleased to have a 4 x 4.   It was minus 1C but seemed a lot colder.

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