One can only live in Hope

This is a true story.

This little chap entered our lives when Iceland offered him for £5 if you spent £10 a few years ago. I was going to give him to a friend’s child, but Mr B got all sentimental and said he’d never had a Teddy and wanted to keep him. Ted nearly went a couple of times during declutters. But he’s survived and is now a welcome part of our lives.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I chanced upon the film ‘Ted’ on TV. Totally absurd story about a Teddy that comes alive, but I warmed to it after about 30mns. And it was uncanny how my Ted resembles film Ted (well they do all look the same, not surprising).

Now Ted has his own corner in the bedroom. And as I write this his 2 beady eyes are fixed on me. I am 100% sure one day he’ll surprise us and come alive too.

This is ‘film Ted’, if you are remotely interested:-

Thanks for hosting ‘Hope’ Jensphotos

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