By strawhouse

Kasparov Eat Your Heart Out

Today has been a lazy day.
The Little Misses and Mr K went to swimming this morning as usual, and to Harris + Hoole.
I mostly lazed in the bath and on the sofa.
I was pretty horrified when I look at my mile count thus far for the day at about 5pm - just after Watford had won 2-1 against Crystal Palace - and saw I hadn't even done half a mile.
I couldn't even remember the last time I stood up!!
Must try harder tomorrow!!
The Little Misses had Saturday night pizza as usual and then settled down to play chess. In the dark. While watching Harry Potter!
They love it despite mostly utilising the tactic of taking/sacrificing every piece until they reach stalemate!!
Actually that's not true - Miss E did win a game!

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