By strawhouse

Digging Into Britain's Past

I booked tickets ages ago to see Alice Robert's at the Sheldonian in Oxford on her Digging into Britain's Past tour.
I promptly forgot all about it - and obviously hadn't put it on a 2019 calendar because we didn't have one yet.
Luckily when I was looking for something the other day - in the miscellaneous pile of loyalty cards, membership cards, appointment cards, shop voucher cards which may or may not have any money on them, , McDonalds drinks cards, random bank cards and other stuff that has nowhere else to live apart from the shelf of the kitchen dresser. Because where else would you put it?!! - I found the tickets for Alice Roberts tonight.
My mum kindly agreed to pick up the Little Misses and babysit so we headed off to Oxford early to have an afternoon mooching before dinner and the talk.
First of we went to the Jericho Cafe which is where we met on our first blind date. Blimey, almost thirteen years ago now!!! It hasn't changed at all which is lovely. 
Avocado on toast for me and a full English for Mr K. We resisted cake. There's lots of cafes in Oxford and we needed to pace ourselves!!
We had to move the car so we drove to the Westgate and then walked most of the way back to Jericho for another cup of tea and delicious cake at the New Bodleian cafe in the Weston Library. I love it there - beautiful architecture, so hushed and full of books. It makes you feel cleverer just being there!!
Then it was back to the Westgate for a bit of browsing - getting in those miles!!! - and then to Bill's for dinner. Delicious as ever!
We had to rush to get to the Sheldonian in time. Nothing new there! It was heaving - they were queueing up the street to get in. It was nowhere near as busy when we went to see Benedict Allen the other day. We sat high up which gave us a fantastic view of the stunning ceiling. It also gave me back ache leaning over to see the screen!
Alice Roberts was soooooooo interesting! It made me want to rush out and dig stuff up. 
If she wasn't clearly such a nice person you'd have to hate her - interesting, funny, engaging, passionate and intelligent. She has several fabulous jobs and clearly loves doing what she does.
I used to be in the Young Archeologist's Club when I was Miss E's age and now I want to join the Middle Aged Archeologist's Club!!!

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