By strawhouse

Busy Day!

Busy day today!
I had work in Bicester first thing, then back home for a quick lunch before heading to Milton Keynes to watch Miss E in a hockey match.
Then it was back to school for Miss L. It was a slightly stressful journey as my flat tyre alert has been on for days and despite Mr K pumping it up daily for me the alert just comes back on so there's obviously something wrong. It's been getting more stressful for a few days - driving to work and wondering if my tyre's going to explode before I get there. I've had that happen before - at 70mph in the middle lane of the M1. Scary!! I brought Miss E's friend, Miss C, home from the hockey as they live close to us and of course I was worried about a blow out at 70mph on the A5. Thankfully it didn't happen.
Also stressful was the plummeting of the fuel gauge as we drove along. When I set off from home it had said 30 miles - enough to get to Milton Keynes and back. When I switched on the engine after the hockey it said 12 miles - enough to get home. As we drove it went down and down and then, when I turned the engine back on having collected Miss L it said 0 miles. Eek!!!
With my fingers crossed we set off on the five miles or so to Mrs C's house. We made it. Phew!!!!!!
And we also made the short journey to the garage. Ordinarily I'm a stickler for getting my Tesco points but I thought that might be pushing my luck today so put in £10 worth at the extortionate BP Garage.
Once we had fuel I went to the tyre place and asked could they look at my tyre. What amazing service!!! Within five minutes it was up on a jack, the tyre removed, a massive screw identified as the problem and it was off to be repaired. Half an hour later we were on our way home. And no more warning light, woohoo!!!!!
So after that relaxing journey it was home to quickly cook the Little Misses some dinner before heading to Oxford to meet Mr K.
My mum was babysitting for us but couldn't make it to Buckingham in time so I had to take them with me to Bicester and drop them off so she could bring them back again. Miss E wasn't impressed and showed surprising disappointment that there wouldn't be time to do her homework!
Once I'd dropped them off I carried on to Oxford, parked in Gloucester Green and met Mr K. 
We had time for a quick dinner before heading to the Sheldonian Theatre to listen to a talk by Benedict Allen. I heard him on the radio the other week and he was so interesting I went straight home and booked tickets!
Mr K loves Five Guys so we went there thinking it would be quick - we had half an hour before the talk started.
Annoyingly the service was incredibly slow and we waited over 15 minutes for our burgers. Rather than sit and eat we dashed down Broad Street and sat outside the Sheldonian stuffing them down as fast as we could. Yet more relaxation on this calm, relaxing day!!
Benedict Allen was fantastic - it was so interesting to hear about his expeditions and adventures. And to see photos of people and landscapes that hardly anyone has ever seen. 
And it was lovely to be in the Sheldonian again - the first time since Mr K's Graduation a couple of years ago. What a beautiful building it is!
Then it was home to my much needed bed!

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