Wicken Fen at dusk

The alarm went off at 4.30 a.m. and ten minutes later I dragged myself out of bed to see if there was any sign of the moon, but sadly the whole sky was blanketed in cloud, so I crept back under the covers to get a few more hours of sleep. In the early morning the sky started to clear and I just got a glimpse of the orange super wolf moon, setting behind some shrubs (see extra).

Most of the remaining daylight hours were spent either driving or in a meeting, though at least it was in a cosy kitchen, next to the AGA, with views of great spotted woodpeckers and jays through the window. 

By the time I left the sky had clouded over again, and all the winter colours seemed washed out and drab. Although the light was poor, I went for a dusk walk round Wicken Fen in the hope of spotting an owl, but it was almost unnaturally quiet, with very few birds to be seen and certainly no owls. This Konik's pony was one of a small herd grazing the western end of the reserve. It almost looks as though it's dreaming of warm summer days. 

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