But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave


My apologies for being a couple of days behind with this Blip, but my computer had thrown a strop; it went into an indefinite pause while booting up and failed to respond to anything until I closed its lid. All of its lights went out and nothing that I could do would cause any reaction – under any circumstances. Google has suggested a catastrophic failure of either it’s memory or its solid state hard disk – neither of which seems likely. Pressing the “On” button should, at least, set it searching for start up instructions which should result in both audible and visible twitches. Right now, that’s something to worry about later.
The weather forecast for tomorrow morning is mostly clear – which is good – since I want to get up to see the lunar eclipse, aka: the wolf moon, super moon and blood moon. Surprisingly, Jnr has asked me to wake him up so that he can see it. I did suggest to him that it might be a good idea to practice before he went to bed but, at the spritely age of 36, he thinks his agile brain will cope perfectly well with his new full-frame camera shooting an unfamiliar subject – in the dark. I also offered him a sturdy tripod, but he prefers to use his own which is a light weight travel item.
I have worked out that the moon should set between the two hills in the background of the Blip, sometime before dawn. I’ll delay going back to bed until after going for that shot; after all, as you must be sick of hearing, this view will not exist when the next eclipse occurs, let alone when the string  of coincidences that will allow this particular opportunity to recur.

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