By AGBPhotography

Torquay fish eye

After yesterdays slip, I awoke still feeling a bit stiff and sore but had an appointment to go to this morning so it wasn't until about 1.30 pm that I turn my thoughts to photography. The stiffness in my shoulder means that I am struggling to raise my arm to shoulder height, but I set out to take some wide angle shots of Torquay seafront.
My blip photo is of one of my favourite places in Torquay. It was taken at the western end of the seafront above Corbyn Sands, it was taken using my 10 - 20 mm ultra wide angle lens at its widest setting (10mm). The tree on the right of the shot is on Corbyn Head, the distance between this headland and Torquay harbour has been greatly distorted by the wideness of the lens.
I have several extras today including one of a turnstone that was so engrossed in his search for tasty morsels among the seaweed that he failed to notice me taking his photo less than 6 feet away. As usual the extras have been uploaded to my blog at . Please feel free to post comments there using the "comment" link on the bottom of each post.

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