Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Almost mono ...

It actually grew milder - slightly - today, though it doesn't look it in this photo. The afternoon became very misty, with great drifts of fog appearing above snowy fields and along the hillside above Loch Eck, and it was actually quite damp, as I discovered when I took my hat off. I was thinking about my preoccupations with weather and getting a decent photo, comparing them with my life as a younger me ... and that led me on to thoughts about how people behaved in the relatively recent past, and how my generation of women were expected to put up with behaviour from  men which would now be condemned. I can still recall the mixed emotions of the not-quite-adult me - or even the clearly adult-but-still-young me - when men displayed the arrogance of their assumptions about their place in the world and the subordinate status of women. 

All this as I walked through the melting snow trying not to slide...

And an extra photo, simply because today's dawn - again, the view from my bedroom - was briefly amazing.

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