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A change of scene

As the grey, calm weather draws to an end, we decided this would be a good day to take the car over to Braehead and go to the cinema - having no stormy sea to negotiate makes a difference to such plans. I love a big screen and sound to match, so we went to the iMax to see 1917. I'm still silenced by it, really, three hours after leaving; it's a huge film and the acting totally convinces. I've visited the Somme battlefields, and wherever they shot the fields and the vistas unscarred by the fighting was very real. And I have to confess to having jumped in my sea more than once. I'd be rubbish in a war...

My blip is of the building where the cinema is housed. I've often shopped at Braehead, in what I think of as the original mall, but this is the bizarrely named INTU Braehead Arena (I think) off to the west side of the Blue carpark, and was completely new to me. The photo was taken from the upper level, where the cinema entrance is, looking down to a floor full of children's play areas (but no children at this time). There is a humungous climbing wall near the entrance, rising the whole height of the building and surrounded by high wire walkways and monkey slides - there were a few screaming teens on these by the time we were leaving. There is also a snow area for skiing and stuff. With real snow ...

This afternoon it reminded me of Las Vegas, only not so populated. There was the music, but not the triumphal tunes of winners at the slot machines. There was that indefinable smell; there were the fast food joints. At the one time I wondered how it survived on so few people, and what the people who were there were doing -there were about 10 of us in Screen 8. I spoke to the girl on duty outside, with nothing to do but walk up and down and look helpful. She was delightful, happy to chat, and bored. 

Home and starving now. Recommend the film. Perhaps, this evening, Picard ...?

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