Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Looking for bright moments

This strange week goes on, under the pall of damp cloud that seems to envelope Argyll with such enthusiasm, not exactly cold but penetratingly damp. I find indoors seductively tempting; there are things to read and work to do and the time flits past - but I know that a day indoors leads to a poor night's sleep for an exercise addict like me. That is why, despite my having to be at a meeting at the time when I normally sit down to dinner, we were out, bashing up Glen Massan and down again in a limited time scale so that I could get home and start cooking ... and this for a blip struck me as symbolic of my mood.

I don't know if the red phone box in Glen Massan village is still in use, but I love the way its bright redness shines in this 4pm photo. There is smoke coming from several of the chimneys, mingling with the strands of cloud not far overhead, and the sky has distant patches of blue reminding us that we still have high pressure. There is a fine drizzle falling, though less enthusiastically that we'd feared, and the gleaming Audi acts as a counterbalance to the red. I knew as soon as I took it that this was my blip, and was able to concentrate on getting up and down the three very steep bits in the road (the slopes corresponding to the three main waterfalls in the gorge) in an hour.

I was late for the meeting. And I don't care.

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