Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Walking high ...

After yesterday's sitting - and yes, I also watched Picard last night, so there was much sitting - it was great to get out and really exercise today with a hike round the forest road above Strone Point. My pal, she of the hideous pneumonia over Christmas, rang to say she was feeling normal again (whatever passes for normal in our lives!) and could we walk - and this is where we went. I'm looking down the Firth of Clyde, south to where the Cumbraes and Bute point to one another on the horizon. Western Ferries are ploughing sedately to and fro, and there is a breeze coming straight up the river onto our faces. As we are hot from climbing up here, this is a good thing.

We were remembering how once I ended up falling on my face at this spot, when one boot lace-hook caught on the other lace and tripped me up. At that time, our walking companion was my pal's large spaniel, and when I sat up groaning I was aware of his nose poking at me in concern ... Happily no aged ladies were injured today.

I am, however, very ready for my dinner.

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