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A sunset - the first, really, since that spectacular one last weekend. And it's chilly again, with a brisk wind off the sea and sleet showers passing through. At least we had a dry walk in the very last of the sunshine, pale as it was, and were back in daylight, more or less. 

A very normal Sunday, really - church (is a wee dog in church entirely normal, do you think?), coffee with my pal for the first time since early December, the usual dragging ourselves away from the Sunday papers to go out because we know we'll regret it if we don't...

In fact the only abnormal thing was a lengthy and quite passionate discussion about politics. It arose with a laugh about the only open Brexit supporter I know, but developed into a tortuous examination of the solution to the Westminster problem. I have no doubts - they went out the window years ago now - but still fear the fear of others. And that's why conversation, however difficult, is still needed.

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