Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Monster on the shore

Late afternoon on the shore known as the Ardyne. The lights of Rothesay, on the island of Bute, are already sparkling over the water. The tide is unusually high - so much so that the entire beach has disappeared, leaving only the stones and lumps of concrete built to shore up the road behind. It's sheltered here, so that the sea is silent, other than when the wake of the Rothesay ferry reaches us in a few curling waves. And sitting calmly on the rocks is this monster ...

I see a beak, and two forepaws. The back is slightly hunched, and the head looks along the shore towards the sailing club. It didn't move when I took its photo...

And on a more rational plane I wondered what happened when a big lump of tree stump drifted into the path of a ship.

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