Pinks streaks on Broughton Street

I wish that I had set off a little earlier for work this morning. Then I would have caught the peak of the sunrise in a more scenic setting than the top of Broughton Street.

It was a busy day that started for me at 02:30 when I awoke and could not get back to sleep again. On campus I attended a couple of meetings, enjoyed lunch with Laura, Peter and Frances, and helped edit an abstract for a proposed conference paper. If the abstract submitted this afternoon is accepted, Frances will present our work in Slovenia in the summer. Fingers crossed for a positive outcome at the end of next month.

Some of the letters that I wrote earlier in the week have reached their destinations. As a direct consequence my mother has received some lovely phone calls and invitations today. This is exactly why I took care over writing the letters: so that people remember that my mother is all on her own now and would appreciate company in the period during which she comes to terms with the death of my father.

Exercise today: walking (19,453 steps).

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