By HeartFreek

Getting ready.

Our final day of being Doggie Free.

I feel like an expectant parent. Mr W doesn't like the term mummy or daddy as a dog owner though. Tough.

Mr W also doesn't like Doggie Bandanas. Tough again. I bought some.  

I also did a final wreckie of the garden to check its puppy friendly. No cat poop in the grass, so sharp sticks. 

Mr W was supposed to have got the tag today. I left him totally in charge. I got to choose the Dog breed - he gets to choose the tag. Thats fair isn't it! But Ive come home and no tag to be seen. Perhaps it was just a step too far for him....all that choice... colour, size, what to put......

Or maybe the blip will be changed later!!

But for now, here is the frosty lawn. All ready to turn yellow with puppy piddle patches.

I'm ready for you Bella. Even 'daddy' said he can feel a little bit of excitement creeping in.

And in other news - Trouble was taken to a Residential home today. I feel so desperately sad for everyone involved but I know its for the best. Hopefully she will be safe now and her Mummy can get some rest. xXx

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