Hasty blip

Well hastily put together. Our new lounge carpet is being fitted tomorrow so just before bed Jon and Henry have moved the sofas into the dining room, along with everything else!! The lounge still doesn’t look very big, even empty. The dining room is bursting at the seams.

Hopefully tomorrow I will come home from work to a lovely new carpet! Then the challenge to keep the dog out begins. So far he’s jumped over, pushed over, pushed through every barricade we have built. There is just this arch between the lounge and dining room. I absolutely don’t want him in the lounge. I know that seems mean to you dog lovers ( I’m not one) but he is one of the reasons we are having to get a new carpet.

It feels like it has been a long week. Mollie goes back to uni on Saturday. Josh’s parents have very kindly offered to drive her back. I’m sure we can return the favour one day soon. So she will be going early Saturday, and I’ll be sad :( just one more evening with her....

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