yummy greens

I had to do a collage for this entry as there were just too many yummy photos of our garden produce, to pick just one. I remembered last November that this was the growing season in Florida, when it's cooler. Most herbs and especially lettuce cannot be grown in the summer here when it's so hot. 

Well!! We have had very good luck and between the two of us. Everything is growing nicely. The iceberg lettuce is one of my favorites, so crunchy! But I also planted romaine, red leaf, and more recently buttercrisp (or bibb lettuce). Steve has been watering these plants and we got a torrential rain last night. I do a tiny bit of weeding and water & pick! 

For herbs, Steve bought me a couple of basil plants and then I got lemon thyme, oregano, onion chives, lemon Balm (like mint), as well as both curled parsley, flat Italian parsley and also . . . . catnip or is it called catmint? ;o) Luna loves that!! Lightning is only a little interested, I guess it's not his thing - see Steve's cartoon in the extras. 

I think these plants looks so beautiful and fresh. It's great fun to go out back, pick some lettuce or herbs and enjoy. Makes me happy! 

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