All you need is love

By pascolicious

Blues Run The Game

First of all, today is my brother's golden birthday.
Happy Birthday, Adam!!!

Went back to work today. Had yesterday off since it was President's Day so I got to spend an extra day with Kevin which totally rocked. We watched In Bruges.

Today is Tuesday meaning Community. Took the kids to the Teen Center and my group played Basketball. I joined in for a little but was exhausted since I'm still sick with this nasty cold. Took a picture while they were playing.

Kevin left Chicago today which makes me sad. I got home after work, however, to find a surprise (which may be blipped tomorrow or at a later date) throughout my room from my darling boyfriend. It's just more proof that he is beyond amazing and any boy prior to him couldn't try to compare. Oh, love :)

A year ago today... birthday montage.

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