By tondrijfhamer


The final day of this week was a busy one. In the office all day where I managed to do all kind of chores. My inbox went from 75 back to 7 unopened mails. I know the contents of those 7 and they can wait.
Good feeling about that.
Around 4 pm I had to pick up Daan from a farm in Wagenborgen were he had a schoolproject. I picked him up while it was snowing. It took us over half an hour to get home from Wagenborgen (14 km). We dropped a schoolfriend off at his home as well.
So, we came home around 5 pm. It was still snowing. 
I asked Annemarie and the boys if they wanted to join me for a walk and to my surprise they all came along. Spike included of course.
We went to the Biesummer forest nearby and Spike had the time of his life. Although it was getting dark already I took my camera with me.
The result I'm showing you as todays blip.
A great start of the weekend.

I'll now lighten the fireplace to continue this nice cozy winter-feeling.

Have a great weekend!

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