A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


Let the world know the truth: Old people have no clue how to selfie.

However, we can, and just have, saved the world from the Secret Things.  Tonight we completed the game Pandemic Legacy Season 2 - we've been playing it in 'real time' so it's taken us the whole of 2018, and a bit.

To recap, a Legacy boardgame is one that changes from one play to the next, according to what's happened so far.  It's like a TV series, where each episode follows the broad pattern (Morse, a murder, beer, murder solved, etc.) but there's an overarching story going on at the same time, so it's really one game played once only, over about 18 plays.

It, and the Season 1 game, have appeared periodically on this journal. The main snag in reporting detail is I don't want to spoil the story for anyone else - hence the redacted board.

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