No more suggestions required (SILS121)

Today was our village hall surplus items sale, which went much better than I expected.  The sale items were set out in the hall and we made around £100 for the hall funds.  Then, without any protests, the left overs went into the skip!  I was impressed with the vigour with which things were carted outside and skipped,  some of the fabrics went into a charity shop bag but everything else went where it was supposed to go :-)

I liked this old suggestion box which I found sat on top of some defunct furniture,  it looks a good candidate for silly Saturday :-)

I did take out a load of old suitcases and bags the amateur dramatics society had earmarked as junk, only to find someone had put their handbag on top of the pile!  Fortunately it was rescued before any damage was done!

Some of the village societies had displays up, so I talked to several people about the photography club,  Gill did the same for the choir and I made a good contact with the history soc around a project they have recording the village gravestones. Some of the graves date back to the Civil War so it should be interesting to help them out.

Thanks to Admirer for hosting Silly Saturday and everyone else who has visited my journal over the past week when I have not been able to respond :-)

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